What I know about Bob Dylan and his song “Make You Feel My Love”

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

It is impossible not to mention Bob Dylan (巴布•狄倫) when I talked about Joan Baez (瓊•貝茲) in the last piece. They are a famous couple in the history of American music, but they were never married to each other, and their relationship was not steady. I believe this has a lot to do with their talents and personalities. Dylan is famous for his songwriting, and Baez is renowned for her voice. So, naturally, they often make songs together. Two geniuses can create classics together, and it’s a beautiful scene. But the genius personalities might also have created frictions between them… 是歡喜冤家?

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. His lyrics and songs convey the aspirations of many people, and his songs were often named on the top charts. But his singing voice, however… 嗯… It leaves something to be desired.

Let’s take “Make You Feel My Love” as an example; I am sure you heard of it. It’s a beautiful song. Many famous singers sang it. But have you heard of the original version sung by Bob Dylan himself? If you are curious and want to hear Bob Dylan’s own “Make You Feel My Love,” I recommend being mentally prepared before hitting that “play” button. :)

Personally, I think his singing voice has a unique charm, which may be suitable for singing some country or heavier rock. But, as for love ballads, his voice cannot make “Make You Feel My Love” popular, and he knows very well himself. Therefore, most of “Make You Feel My Love” that everyone knows have been remakes…

And here’s Sea Jay’s version on SoundCloud.



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